What I Did To Prevent Hair Loss Because Of Work

What I Did To Prevent Hair Loss Because Of Work

I’ll never forget this Monday! We had all gathered around my desk for an edit meeting and were charting out a plan for the week. I was sitting on my desk, and the team photographer was sitting on my chair and the discussion went on for about an hour. My hair was left open because I’d shampooed it and didn’t blow dry it because I had an appointment for a haircut later that day.

Once the meeting wrapped up and I got down to sit on my chair, I noticed a clump of hair where I’d been. It was the most distressing thing I’d seen at work. I’ve been at this job for 2 years now, and while it is the most rewarding and engaging, it is also very stressful. Writing deadlines, waiting on the advertising guys to hand us the layouts, checking the layouts, ensuring there are no errors, and of course the daily grind of getting that one story can he tough.

There are times when we have great stories, a superb ad to content ratio, and excellent responses to our content and all the stress seems to melt away! One of the great things about this job is that I get to meet experts one of whom helped me out with my hair problem with a what to do about your hair loss session.

Being a journalist is one of the toughest things and a lot of this job is appearance oriented. Having an employee who looks like she’s possibly balding can’t be good for the company and we have to do everything we can to stay in good health and to also look our best! Having that chat about my hair issues while I was on assignment really changed things up for me and I am not much happier for it!

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