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It is not enough to have a very effective Lebensmittel Etiketten if aggressive advertising doesn’t become part of the marketing campaign. Banners and print ads are the usual route that all businesses take and probably are the best to catch everyone’s attention. But if you are a startup or a mid-sized business you might not have the budget to spend on this form of advertisements which incidentally is expensive. Thankfully, in the internet rife world, there are several more effective ways to reach a greater segment of people not only in your locality but the entire globe.

Four effective advertising techniques for new businesses

  • Google Ad words: This is a service rendered by Google for businesses that want their advertisement on Google. How it works is that a business sets aside a certain budget for advertising and pays only when someone clicks on the ad. This is a cost-effective way to advertise your products and services while giving your business a greater exposure and eventually draw more traffic to your site. You can start for as low as 10$ a day. It is very effective because everyone uses google.
  • Facebook Ads: For advertising to be successful you must target the right audience and customers. Facebook ads are very successful in targeting focus customers. Here the business can target customers based on their interests, age, gender etc. once again the budget is low and even if all guests do not become customers, it is enough if they like your page as this will open the window for greater audience interest and potential customers.
  • Sign up on Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local: By signing up in these sites for absolutely free you can become visible in the local listings for your business in the area.
  • Flyers: To target consumers in a particular region you can distribute flyers which are cheap to design and print. They can be put on parked cars, stuck on bulletin boards of supermarkets, apartment complexes and slid into letter boxes.


Not every advertising method may work but until you try all avenues and possibilities you won’t know which works best and where you must concentrate more on future advertisements.


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