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Bosch is known as a good brand that covers a wide array of automotive accessories and products. The only thing it doesn’t seem to make is automotive oil. Here, we are discussing Bosch oil filter.

One of the most reputable manufactures of oil filter, Bosch is renowned for producing highly efficient, comparatively affordable and durable engine oil filters. For anyone who is looking for an exclusively reliable and convenient oil filter, Bosch is a perfect choice. It uses the latest technology in its services and is manufactured from a unique blend of synthetic and natural materials.

Bosch oil filters possess high quality and reliable oil filter with a high lubricity gasket. These oil filters have the capability of removing microscopic oil contaminants and at the same time it allows a high oil flow rate.

The highly lubricate gasket offers a tight seal which is quite easier to remove. The gasket also guarantees the top-notch protection for your engine. Bosch oil filters employs exclusive FILTECH media technology which adds on to its services. Additionally, this feature makes the filter fit perfectly and covers the risk of prevention.

Oil filter is made of aluminum with a steel base plate which prevents warpage. It also prevents leakage that occurs during high engine temperature.


  • Silicone anti-drain back valve: The Silicone anti-drain back valve technology of the Bosch oil filter effectively supplies clean oil whenever you start the engine. Clean oil is one of the most essential requirements for running the engine properly.
  • Exclusive FILTECH technology: FILTECH technology is basically a unique oil filter employed in the filtration process. This technology guarantees you 100% engine protection and screening from contaminants that may be present in the oil.
  • Steel base housings and plates: Bosch oil filters possess the strongest steel walls, housing and plates. It ensures that there will be no warpage or leakage. It ensures proper fitting as well.
  • High lubricity gasket: Everyone looks for an oil filter which is easy to remove yet has a very tight seal. Bosch features a perfectly tight seal which is easy to remove.

Despite all the wonderful features it possesses, Bosch oil filters are relatively cheap and affordable. It is available both in the market and online.

In this Bosch oil filter review we have listed both pros and cons of the product which will prove you helpful.


  • The oil filter canister of Bosch oil filter 3323 features double-lock system in their rolled seam. It is dues to these feature canisters of Bosch oil filters are leak free.
  • Bosch oil filters uses different layers of filters that possess the FILTECH membrane technology. This effective technology of cleaning the oil is reputed across the globe.
  • It provides optimal engine protection that automatically enhances the life of the engine.
  • It operates perfectly well under extreme conditions and enhances the performance of the engine.


  • A lot of Bosch users are concerned about the quality of these products. The reason behind this fact is that Bosch gets these oil filters manufactured by a third-party.

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